Here are some commonly asked questions that we often get. If you cant find your question here please feel free to contact us.
Who is Mortgage Saver?
Can I depend on your service?
Will you ever sell my information?
What is Federal Regulation E?
What do I need to get started?
Is your program compatible with my lender?
Is it safe to apply on the Internet? Can I apply offline?
What are the fees involved?
How are funds withdrawn or distributed?
On what day is my account debited?
Do you offer a Semi-Monthly Program?
Does the program work with loans other than a mortgage?
Once I\'ve signed up, how long does it take before I\\\'m officially enrolled?
Do I need to contact my lender and/or my bank before I use Mortgage Saver?
What if my lender says they donít accept Bi-Weekly payments?
What if I sell, refinance, or my mortgage is sold?
How can I be sure Mortgage Saver has made my payments?
How can Mortgage Saver help eliminate my Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)?